Private car with excellent driver 

Dion really gives it 200% in what he does and we thank him for making this extremely pleasurable and an unforgettable experience for us in Jogja (Yogyakarta). Yogyakarta travel package from Singapore. We traveled to Jogja after staying in Bali, it was my first time visiting Indonesia and Jogja turned out to be the highlight of this whole trip, thanks so much to Dion for his service, I wouldn’t want to have it any other ways.

He started off asking if we have any plans and gave us suggestions on places we could visit, estimated the timing for us and he even bought us bottles of water so we could stay hydrated. Unlike the drivers I encountered in Bali who just provide charter services (also very calculative), Dion gave us suggestions and explained to us what we may encounter in different sight-seeing spots (i.e. hawkers) and what we would expect, and how we should react based on our preferences, so we were very comfortable as we knew what we were doing. 

He drove very safely and I noticed that he is a very patient man who don’t get irritated by drivers who were driving too slow in front of him, ( driver in Yogyakarta ) he would first signal and let them know he will pass and he paid attention to the surrounding road condition before making a move, we felt both very safe and entertaining watching him drive, he’s got some really good driving skills. Yogyakarta driver. 

It was our last day in Jogja on 29 June, but we couldn’t board our flight back to Denpasar because of Mount. Agung’s eruption and we got stranded in Jogja, and we didn’t know what to do and how long we need to wait until the airport re-opens, when Dion learned about this, he stayed with us and ensured we were well settled and all before he dropped us off, he helped communicated with the locals to ask about the flight status and reason for cancellation of flights, I wouldn’t have asked for anything more, seriously. He’s more like a friend! ( Recommended driver in Yogyakarta ). 

Dion is not calculative and he uses his real heart to treat his clients, a very genuine person. Last but not least, he has very good taste in Pop Music, very up to date, we were singing together on our way to destinations, very fun and happy memories! If it wasn’t because of Dion, I won’t be able to see so much in Jogja, and I very much appreciate people in Jogja in general, they are more genuine and simple, totally making you forget about what it was like in a commercial society ( Yogyakarta travel ). Thank you so much again, Dion. I’ll see you again next time! Forward...