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Ijen Crater, East Java

Ijen Crater, East Java

A crater is a unique place to explore. In Banyuwangi Indonesia, there is a large crater. The local people called it Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater. Actually, Ijen Crater is a large place. It is located in Ijen Mount area. In fact, this crater is the biggest crater in Java. BBC ever created a documenter film about this crater. Sure it is caused, this is place has uniqueness. Every day, there are many visitors come to Ijen Crater.

 5 Uniqueness Of Kawah Ijen

However, Ijen Crater has uniqueness. All of these facts invite many local visitors and foreign visitors. Although the access to explore this place is difficult, people love this activity. They really want to see the crater in close. Here there is 5 uniqueness from Ijen Crater. After knowing this fact, make preparation to visit Ijen Crater.

1. Blue Fire Phenomenon

First, this crater has a great phenomenon. The phenomenon is blue fire. For your information, blue fire is a fire that comes from a crater. People call it a blue fire because the fire has a blue color. Actually, this phenomenon is very rare in the world. There are many visitors interested to see this phenomenon. Unfortunately, this is dangerous enough. The gas from the fire can give bad impact on the human lung. So, the visitors just able to see for a moment.

2. Sunset Point

In this area, there is a popular sunset point. Then all visitors always come to this spot. The scenery is so beautiful. For sunset lovers, it is like heaven. So, make sure that enjoy this sunset when visiting Ijen Crater. Get the information about the sunset point from a local guide. In Jen Crater, there are many local guides that will help

3. Acidic Crater Lake

Acidic crater lake is a lake that has a green color. In fact, this lake has high acid. So, people can use the water. Although visitors cannot use the water, they can take pictures. The lake is so photogenic. There are many photographers come here to take many pictures. It means, when visit this place, bring the great camera. The size of an acidic crater lake in this place is big enough. It is very unique.

4. Large Caldera

Caldera is an area in the surrounding volcano region. This area has a large caldera. Actually, this creates great scenery for visitors. The caldera offers many things. It is like a big basin. This caldera as evidence that the Ijen mount has volcano activities.

5. Sulfur Mine

In this place, local people work in sulfur mine. There is a big sulfur min in this place. Visitors can see how the process to get sulfur. So,  it is like an educational tour. Ijen Crater offers sulfur and it gives a chance for the local people. The local people take the sulfur stone and after that sell it. Although this activity is the danger, they still do it until now. For visitors, Kawah Ijen is a great destination. As the biggest crater in Java, Ijen Crater has much uniqueness. Then it gives many chances to visitors enjoy all the phenomenon. Prepare your body before visit this place. Visitors need extra energy to explore Ijen Crater.  


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