Lern to Make Puppet ( Wayang kulit )

Lern to Make Puppet ( Wayang kulit )

Lern to Make Puppet ( Wayang kulit )

Puppet is one of the indigenous cultures of Indonesia. There are several types of puppets that are still preserved today. They are a shadow puppet, golek puppet, and contemporary puppets made of sticks or paperboard. There are still many puppets maker in Yogyakarta who are willing to provide information for people who want to learn to make Puppet Art. The following are steps to make puppets and places to learn to make puppets in Jogja. Steps to Make Shadow Puppet There are several steps in making shadow puppets. The following is an explanation of these steps.

1. Preparing the Leather
The leather used to make shadow puppets is buffalo or cow leather. Craftsmen must know which the good leather so that the resulting puppets are of good quality. After choosing the leather, the craftsmen begin to soak it in water for 1 day.

2. Cutting the Shape of the Puppet
After the leather is ready to be processed into puppets, craftsmen start drawing the basic shapes of the puppets. Then the leather is cut according to the pattern that has been made. From this process, a piece of leather in the form of puppets is ready to be processed.

3. The Process of The Tatah
After being cut, craftsmen can directly carve out puppets. Eyes, nose, style of puppet clothes and other details began to be made in this process. The tool used by craftsmen is a tool like a sculpture that is hit with a wooden hammer.

4. Sungging Process
The sungging process means giving color to the puppets. The first dye used is the white base color. After being colored white, the puppet sheets are then given painting.

5. The Process of Installing Stalks
After the wayang is clear and colorful, the final process is the installation of the stalk. The stalk is used to hold the puppets while performing. In addition, this stalk also serves as a support for puppets when it must be plugged into a banana stem. Where Tourist Can Learn to Make Puppet Art Making puppets must now be inherited from generation to generation in the craftsmen family. Many people began to be interested in learning to make it, so the craftsmen's family worked together with the tourist village to make puppet making training. Wukirsari Village is one place where tourists can learn to make puppet art. There are the routes and training packages offered by Wukirsari village.

Packages Offered
There are two training packages for tourists who want to learn to make a shadow puppet namely sungging and tatah tour packages. Each package type has a different focus on training and different prices. The sungging tour package focuses on learning about puppet coloring techniques. So tourists will be given media in the form of one piece of puppet that has been cut and given the details. Then tourists will learn to paint the material with synthetic dyes. To join in this exercise, the tourist must pay from 200,000 to 300,000 rupiah.

The second package is a tatah package that has a rather high level of difficulty. In this exercise, tourists will learn to sculpt the skin to have beautiful details on the face, body, and puppet clothes. This package can be attended by at least 6 people in a training session with prices ranging from 300,000 to 500,000 rupiah depending on the size of the puppets chosen by tourists. Mastering how to make puppets will take a long time. But starting to learn from experts will give a deep impression to tourists. Learn to make Puppet Art from the basics is a way to help save Indonesian culture while increasing the ability to create art.