Madakaripura Waterfall, An Amazing Waterfall In East Java

Madakaripura Waterfall, An Amazing Waterfall In East Java

Madakaripura Waterfall, An Amazing Waterfall In East Java

Madakaripura Waterfall is located in Semeru National Park, East Java. Actually, this waterfall nearby Bromo. This waterfall has many visitors each year. The visitors are local tourists and foreign. Before visit this waterfall, make sure that you get information about it. However, there are many reasons why people come to this waterfall.

Reason To Visit Madakaripura Waterfall

At least there are five reasons to visit Madakaripura. All the reasons are like attractiveness. Before a visit, this waterfall makes some preparation.  In this place, visitors can swim, take pictures and do many activities. Below there are some reasons to visit Madakaripura:

1. The height until 200 meters
The waterfall is popular by the height. In fact, the height of the waterfall is until 200 meters from the ground. Of course, this fact makes this waterfall as the highest waterfall in Java Island. Besides the fact that it is the second one in Indonesia. It is like a good reason to visit the waterfall. There are many visitors want to see the waterfall. See the waterfall from near is an amazing opportunity.

2. Full Of Legends
Next, this waterfall full of legends. The legends are about Gajah Mada. Gajah Mada was like a commander. He was famous in the Majapahit Kingdom. Until now, the local people believe that the waterfall is Gajah Mada favorite place. Then the waterfall represents a big power. Although it is just a legend visitors should respect this legend. Do not break the local rules.

3. Unique Road
The third reason is a unique road. Actually, the road to the waterfall is unique enough. All the visitors should walk between big rocks. Be careful when has trekked in this area. However, the visitors should walk around one kilometer. So, use a comfortable shoe and prepare yourself. Do not worry about the trek. In this area, there are many local guides to show the directions. Just follow the guide.

4. Unique Small Bridge
After the walk in the trek area, the visitors will find a unique small bridge. This small bridge is a great spot to take pictures. In addition, the design of the bridge is unique. There are many long sticks that touch the water. Besides the design, the bridge is contrast enough. It has red color and contrast with brown color from the rock.

5. Good Scenery
This area has good scenery. There are cliffs and green forest. Then all of it creates a great combination.  Furthermore, the main purpose visitors come here to enjoy the scenery. It is a great chance to refresh our body. Fortunately, visitors can also meet with wild birds. The sounds from the birds are good enough. It is very comfortable in this area.

 All the above are a reason why people should visit Madakaripura Waterfall. In addition, there are many other tourist destinations near the waterfall. So, do not forget to visit them. When visiting this waterfall, make sure that your body is fit enough. Do not bring many things. Invite your friends to visit this waterfall together. There is no charge to enjoy this place. The visitors just need to pay the local guide.