Panguk Kediwung Hill, a Beautifull Scenery Above the Cloud

Panguk Kediwung Hill, a Beautifull Scenery Above the Cloud

Panguk Kediwung Hill, a Beautifull Scenery Above the Cloud

Panguk Kediwung Hill, Yogyakarta

Panguk Kediwung hill is located in the Bantul area. Yogyakarta Private tour. Precisely in the village of Mangunan, Dlingo Yogyakarta. This place is one of the favorite recreational spots for photography lovers because it presents a rare beautiful scenery. Here are some tips and information to consider when coming to Panguk Kediwung.

1. Prepare Small Change

Entrance tickets charged to tourists are 10.000 rupiahs per person. In addition to admission tickets, each photo spot is charged 10.000 rupiahs per person. Use the money that doesn't need to change to make it easier, because the photo queue will be very long.

There are 6 photo points that can be rented by visitors. The first is a bridge that looks like floating. Then, there is a flying horse statue property that draws a carriage which can give a unique photo. Besides that, there is also a boat that looks like floating and can be used as a photo spot.

2. Come Before the Rising Sun

The best time to enjoy the scenery at Panguk Kediwung hill is at sunrise. Here you will see a white mist below the photo spot with a hilly expanse. The photo results will be like being on a cloud because the photo spot is located at the top of the hill. For best results, visitors must arrive at the location before 05.30.

If you don't have time to come before sunrise, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the scenery at sunset. If departing from the city center of Yogyakarta, it is advisable to prepare since 14.00 so that you can arrive on time and avoid a long photo queue.

3. Use Personal or Rental Vehicles

Available public vehicles may be used. For example by using a bus or online transportation. But public vehicles can only be used at 8 am to evening. Tourists will difficult to return to the Yogyakarta city if using a bus or public transportation.

It will be much easier and more convenient if visitors bring a private vehicle or rent from the city center. By using their own vehicle, visitors can freely explore the Mangunan area which also has another tourist object such as fruit orchards that are close to Panguk Kedawung hill.

4. Be Careful in Driving

Using your own vehicle also has some risks. The road taken to reach the hill really requires good driving ability. There are many winding slopes with narrow roads along the trip.

Small cars will be easier to control on this trip. Visitors are also expected to obey traffic signs and want to budge when there are passing vehicles from opposite directions. Budging will make the trip is safer and more comfortable. To simplify the route search, use a map application that can show the road with the fastest and safest route.

5. Check the Weather Forecast

Before going to the hill, better to check the weather first. The view of the hill will be beautiful if it's in fine weather. In addition, if the rain falls the road can be very slippery and dangerous. Especially if visitors want to see the sunrise and require them to travel in the dark of the night.

These tips are simple, but they might help to prepare before the trip to Panguk Kediwung hill. Prepare a camera and a friend too, because there are no photographers who can be asked to help take photos.