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Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple, yogyakarta

Prambanan temple is one of the touristy Hindi temples in the world. It does not just offer religious attraction but also very astonishing scenery. Built-in about 850C, Roro Jonggrang’s love legend tightly entangled with Prambanan development. It spread out above two regions they are Sleman and Klaten. It is precisely located at the borderline of Central Java and Yogyakarta province. Among domestic citizens, the Prambanan temple holds so many unique facts that travelers could not ignore. What are they? Here is the list.

1. A Temple For All Hindus Gods
Most Hindi people dedicated some temples to one particular god. The temple is usually devoted to Siva, Vishnu, or Brahma as a part of a sacrifice. However, Sanjaya dynasty did not develop Prambanan just for one god but the three of them. According to history, the king of Medang, Rakai Pikatan, did not build it for worship activity. In spite of this, Rakai Pikatan built Prambanan in order to mark the Sanjaya dynasty above Syailendra. For the first time, Syailendra was dominating used its Buddhist religion. Before then the condition changed. Sanjaya’s triumphant towards Java made the first step for Hindi at Java and Bali to grow.

prambanan temple

2. The Tale of Roro Jonggrang: Was It Real?
Prambanan existence cannot separate by Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso love story. Someday, Bandung was fallen in love with Roro’s beauty. Bandung then asked to marry Roro. Nevertheless, she was too enraged as Bandung had murdered her dad. At the same time, she felt too freaked out by Bandung’s cruelness. As a compromise, Roro asked Bandung to build 1000 temples as marriage offers. The development must not exceed the dawn rising. As the dawn approached, Bandung did not make it make one more temple. He felt so angry he turned Roro to replace the last undeveloped temple. Was this legend of Prambanan valid? As many historians said, it is just a romanticize legend.


3. Has Three Different Zones
Prambanan Temple has three classified zones. It is the outer zone, the central, and the saint zone. No building here but grass and plants fill out the outer zone. The central zone consists of hundreds of small temples. While in the saint zone, there are eight main temples surrounded by eight little temples. At this saint zone, the visitors could also see Rakai Pikatan statue.

prambanan sunset

4. Designed According To Mahameru
Prambanan Temple’s peak building looks like Semeru Mount at East Java. According to the historian, it is because the old Hindi beliefs that Semeru is the house of all gods. Indeed, Semeru is popular as one of the most mysterious places in Indonesia. The supra-natural strength of Semeru is very strong.


5. Diminished Over Disaster
In actual count, there are about 240 temples have been dug up at Prambanan temple. Pity, the past earthquake at Yogyakarta damaged almost all Prambanan infrastructures. The disaster had swept up to 90% temples. Today, there are only at least 16 main temples remain intact. In conclusion, it is right that Prambanan had hundreds amount of temples. However, it is not like that anymore in recent time.


6. Has Very Many Beautiful Relics
Even if most of the temple part has broken down, the main part of Prambanan frankly remained. Thank God. Alongside the scenery, one of the memorable parts to visit Prambanan temple is its relics and architecture. They are very awesome. It briefly tells the visitors about the human cycle from life to death. Yogyakarta Travel Package 3D2N.

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