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1 Day Tour Yogyakarta

1 Day tour package is the best tour package for you because you don't have much time in Yogyakarta. You can enjoy a short vacation in 1 day full, there are many interesting spots here that you can get. You can also enjoy culinary delights and visit landmarks and other historical sites. There are many more interesting places that you can get with us.

The Simple Itinerary in 1 Day


  1. Sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu: Start your day early by heading to Punthuk Setumbu for a stunning sunrise view over Borobudur and the surrounding volcanoes. It's a short hike to the viewpoint, and you can hire a local guide if needed.
  2. Visit Borobudur Temple: Start your day early by visiting Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most iconic landmarks in Indonesia. It's best to arrive at sunrise to witness the temple and its surrounding area in the soft morning light.
  3. Explore Mendut Temple: After exploring Borobudur, head to nearby Mendut Temple, a smaller Buddhist temple with intricate carvings. It's a peaceful place to explore and contemplate.
  4. Jomblang Cave Exploration: Head to Jomblang Cave for an unforgettable caving adventure. Explore the underground cave system, including the famous "Heaven's Light" where sunlight penetrates the cave, creating a surreal atmosphere. This activity may take several hours, so plan accordingly.


  1. Merapi Lava Tour: Take a thrilling Merapi Lava Tour, where you'll explore the slopes of Mount Merapi, an active volcano. You can choose between a jeep tour or a bike tour. This adventure will take you through the volcanic landscape, visiting sites like Alien Rock and Bunker Kaliadem.


  1. Local Indonesian Cuisine: Try some local Javanese dishes for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Nasi Gudeg, Soto Ayam, or Ayam Goreng Kalasan are some popular options.
  2. Local Warung: Enjoy a traditional Indonesian lunch at a local warung (small restaurant) near the base of Mount Merapi. Try some local specialties like Mie Ayam or Nasi Goreng.


  1. Sultan's Palace (Keraton): Visit the Kraton (Sultan's Palace) in Yogyakarta, which is a living museum showcasing Javanese culture and traditions. You can explore the palace grounds, museums, and watch traditional Javanese dance performances.
  2. Taman Sari Water Castle: Just a short walk from the Sultan's Palace, explore Taman Sari, also known as the Water Castle. It's a historical bathing complex with beautiful architecture and underground tunnels.


  1. Ramayana Ballet: In the evening, consider watching the Ramayana Ballet, a traditional Javanese dance performance that often takes place at the Prambanan Temple complex. Check the schedule in advance as it might not be available every night.


  1. Dinner at a Local Restaurant: Enjoy a traditional Javanese dinner at a local restaurant. You can try dishes like Gudeg, Nasi Campur, or Ayam Goreng Kalasan.
  2. Dinner at a Local Restaurant: After your day full of adventure, have dinner at a local restaurant in Yogyakarta. You can try some Javanese cuisine or go for something international if you prefer.


This one-day itinerary covers some of the must-visit places in Yogyakarta, offering a glimpse into the city's rich culture and history. However, Yogyakarta has many more attractions to explore, so if you have more time, consider extending your stay to fully immerse yourself in the city's charm.


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